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BOOX Nova Air C


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ONYX BOOX Nova Air C is a device with an E Ink Kaleido Plus color 7,8” screen with a lighting system and double touch control. The contrast and color enhancement of these screens was significantly improved comparatively with the screens of previous generation. The model is made in a thin metal body and its screen is covered with an Asahi protective glass. The Nova Air С is based on a high performance 8-core processor and 3 GB of RAM, which provide high working speed in all the usage modes. A built-in Wi-Fi module allows you to use different network services, and the support of Bluetooth allows the user to connect different external devices. Thanks to its enlarged screen, taking handwritten notes and color display, this model will become a perfect choice for those, who intend to combine ebooks reading and working with documents which have colored images.

What's in the box?

  • USB-C Cable
  • Stylus

  • Screen: Parameters: Screen: 7.8" Eink on-cell Kaleido Plus Screen (4096 colors) with AG glass flat cover-lens
  • Resolution: 468 (H)×624 (V) (100dpi color), 1404 (H)×1872 (V) (300dpi B/W)
  • Touch: BOOX Pen Plus stylus touch with magnets (4096 levels pressure sensitivity) + capacitive touch
  • CPU: Advanced octa-core processor
  • ROM: 32GB eMMC
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi (2.4GHz + 5GHz) + BT 5.0
  • Front Light with CTM (Warm and Cold)

  • OS: Android 11.0
  • Documents Formats: PDF(reflowable), PPT,EPUB, TXT, DJVU, HTML, RTF, FB2, DOC, MOBI, CHM...
  • Image Formats: PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP
  • Audio Formats: WAV, MP3
  • APP Store: BOOX Store
  • Support 3rd-party apps

  • Buttons: power button
  • Expansion Interface: USB Type-C (support OTG)
  • Speaker: Dual Speaker
  • Mic: yes
  • Earphone Jack: USB-C earphone jack
  • Battery: Polymer Li-on ( 2000mAh )
  • Battery Life: Up to 4 weeks (standby mode)
  • Dimensions: 194x136.5x6.3 mm
  • Weight: ≈235g
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BOOX Nova Air C

BOOX Nova Air C